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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Lucene-java Wiki] Update of "ReleaseTodo" by RobertMuir
Date Tue, 13 Apr 2010 13:46:30 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

You have subscribed to a wiki page or wiki category on "Lucene-java Wiki" for change notification.

The "ReleaseTodo" page has been changed by RobertMuir.
The comment on this change is: try to update this to new trunk locations: please review/revert
if necessary!.


   1. Run Apache RAT ("ant rat-sources", once you've installed the RAT jars on your CLASSPATH
or ant -lib path) and fix any problems.
   1. If this is the first release in a series (i.e. release X.Y.0), then create a branch
for the series:
- svn copy \
+ svn copy \
- -m "Starting Lucene X.Y
+ -m "Starting Lucene X.Y
   1. After branching the new release series, update the default version in common-build.xml
on trunk to X.Y+1-dev and the default version in common-build.xml on the branch to X.Y (remove
the -dev suffix). Also update the LUCENE_MAIN_VERSION in src/java/org/apache/lucene/util/
Also add the new enum constant into src/java/org/apache/lucene/util/ Update src/test/org/apache/lucene/util/
to use the current version.
   1. Prepare the backwards-compatibility tests in trunk (only if a new major release was
started and you created the branch before):
  svn rm backwards/src/
- svn cp backwards/src/
+ svn cp backwards/src/
  ant test-backwards
   1. Update CHANGES.txt and contrib/CHANGES.txt in trunk and the branch. Specify tentative
release date and start a new section for X.Y+1-dev in the trunk's CHANGES.txt.
@@ -38, +38 @@

    * *Only* Jira issues with Fix version "X.Y" and priority "Blocker" will delay a release
candidate build.
  = Staging Area and Release Candidates =
-  1. Check out the branch with: {{{svn co}}}
+  1. Check out the branch with: {{{svn co}}}
   1. Add an entry for the new version in the doap.rdf file, stored under docs/doap.rdf in
the unversioned site (see
   1. If the release is < 3.0, ensure "ant test-core" passes in a 1.4 Java environment.
Important: Do two tests: Compile & test with Java 1.4, but also compile with Java 5 and
only run tests with 1.4. This ensures, that the artifacts are really working with Java 1.4
(see the comment [[|]]
for explanation).
   1. Build the code and javadocs, and run the unit tests: ant clean javadocs test
@@ -84, +84 @@

   1. Tag the release:
- svn copy \
+ svn copy \ -m "Lucene Java X.Y.Z release."
   1. If this is a new branch (ie you are releasing X.Y.0), after tagging, commit a new "unreleased"
section at the top of CHANGES.txt and contrib/CHANGES.txt onto the branch

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