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Subject svn commit: r813015 - /lucene/java/trunk/CHANGES.txt
Date Wed, 09 Sep 2009 16:04:03 GMT
Author: markrmiller
Date: Wed Sep  9 16:04:02 2009
New Revision: 813015

update credits for LUCENE-1901 to better format as suggested by Uwe


Modified: lucene/java/trunk/CHANGES.txt
--- lucene/java/trunk/CHANGES.txt (original)
+++ lucene/java/trunk/CHANGES.txt Wed Sep  9 16:04:02 2009
@@ -234,7 +234,8 @@
    and also to define custom Attributes. The new API has the same performance
    as the old next(Token) approach.
    For conformance with this new API Tee-/SinkTokenizer was deprecated
-   and replaced by a new TeeSinkTokenFilter. (Michael Busch, Uwe Schindler)
+   and replaced by a new TeeSinkTokenFilter. (Michael Busch, Uwe Schindler;
+   additional contributions and bug fixes by Daniel Shane, Doron Cohen)
  * LUCENE-1467: Add nextDoc() and next(int) methods to OpenBitSetIterator.
    These methods can be used to avoid additional calls to doc(). 
@@ -547,11 +548,6 @@
  * LUCENE-1899: Fix O(N^2) CPU cost when setting docIDs in order in an
     OpenBitSet, due to an inefficiency in how the underlying storage is
     reallocated.  (Nadav Har'El via Mike McCandless)
- * LUCENE-1901: Fix the bug that TermAttributeImpl.equals() does not check
-    termLength (this bug never appeared in a release).  
-    (Daniel Shane, Doron Cohen via Uwe Schindler)
 New features

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