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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Lucene-java Wiki] Update of "UpdatingBackCompatTests" by MarkMiller
Date Wed, 12 Aug 2009 12:26:18 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by MarkMiller:

   * Commit at the top level
  Method 2:
+  * Checkout Lucene and make your changes
+  * Checkout the backwards compat branch: lucene/java/branches/lucene_2_4_back_compat_tests
to lucene_2_4_back_compat_tests.
-  * Checkout the backwards branch (not the tag) to trunk/tags/lucene_2_4_back_compat_tests.
I have this checkout everytime there, I update it regularily together with trunk.
+  * Place a file in your trunk dir with the following lines:
+     tag=lucene_2_4_back_compat_tests[[BR]]
+     tags.dir=  #enter the path to the folder that holds the lucene_2_4_back_compat_tests
checkout folder[[BR]]
+     compatibility.tag=lucene_2_4_back_compat_tests[[BR]]
+  * You can then test using ant test / test-tag
-  * Place and leave a files with the following line in your trunk dir: “tag=lucene_2_4_back_compat_tests”
+  * If everything is ok, commit the lucene_2_4_back_compat_tests checkout, and tag (svn copy
…) lucene_2_4_back_compat_tests to the next logical back compat tag in lucene/java/tags
ie lucene_2_4_back_compat_tests_20090811
-  * You can then test using ant test / test-tag and so on, the java property fixes the tag
directory to your branch checkout. The good thing is, that you always have the last revision
of      branch and can modify and commit it directly.
-  * If everything is ok, do a tag from your checked out branch (svn copy …) and then update
the main common-build.xml
+  * Now update common-build.xml - change compatability.tag to point to the tag you just made
ie <property name="compatibility.tag" value="lucene_2_4_back_compat_tests_20090811"/>
+  * Remove the file you created (or comment out each line with #) and run
ant clean test to ensure everything is correct.
+  * Finally, commit your changes as well as the updated common-build.xml

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