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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Lucene-java Wiki] Update of "ReleaseTodo" by MikeMcCandless
Date Sat, 01 Nov 2008 10:49:13 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

You have subscribed to a wiki page or wiki category on "Lucene-java Wiki" for change notification.

The following page has been changed by MikeMcCandless:

The comment on the change is:
Add details about generating & copying Changes.html

     1. Examine the results. Did it build without errors? Were there Javadoc warnings? Did
the tests succeed?
     1. In preparation for the next step, download the Maven ant tasks JAR (eg maven-ant-tasks-2.0.9.jar)
from, and add into your CLASSPATH, or add "-lib XXX.jar"
to the ant command in the next step
     1. Package the release with a command like: {{{ant -Dversion=2.3.0-rc1 -Dspec.version=2.3.0
clean dist dist-src generate-maven-artifacts}}}.  Make sure it finishes successfully.
+    1. Generate Changes.html by running {{{ant changes-to-html}}}, then open build/docs/changes/Changes.html
with a browser and confirm it looks right.
     1. Create a staging area on your public Apache website {{{
     mkdir public_html/staging-area}}}
@@ -83, +84 @@

     1. Checkout the Lucene java website from
 Add a new item under "Lucene News", in index.xml.  Add a new entry for this release into
both tabs.xml and site.xml.  Run "forrest site", confirm all looks good, and recursively copy
build/site/* to docs/*, then commit the changes.  Copy docs/* to /www/
on  Make sure .htaccess is copied!
     1. Copy the release specific docs to {{{
-   tar xzf lucene-X.Y.Z lucene-X.Y.Z/docs
+   tar xzf lucene-X.Y.Z.tar.gz lucene-X.Y.Z/docs
    mv lucene-X.Y.Z/docs /www/
    rmdir lucene-X.Y.Z}}}
+    1. Copy the Changes.html you previously generated to the website: {{{scp -r build/docs/changes}}}
     1. Wait for these changes to appear on Apache's main webserver (
before doing the next steps (see for details on
how the site is mirrored to Apache's main web servers).  Once they appear, verify all links
are correct in your changes!
     1. Announce the release on []
     1. Announce the release on,,
and mailing lists. A draft should be sent to the development list first
to clarify any possible issues in the announcement. Mails to the announce list should be sent
from an email address and contain a signature.

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