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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Lucene-java Wiki] Update of "LuceneCaveats" by RenaudWaldura
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2007 21:44:49 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by RenaudWaldura:

  to generate the proper queries. 
  Dissimilar or incompatible analyzers lead to mysterious search
- behavior. See: LuceneFAQ#head-3558e5121806fb4fce80fc022d889484a9248b71
+ behavior. See: LuceneFAQ, "Why am I getting no hits / incorrect hits?".
  === Large documents are truncated by default ===
@@ -50, +50 @@

  synchronization. One could cache the index searcher e.g. in the application 
- See also: LuceneFAQ#head-a40bf61ddd103aefbe08a20a7c3c7cca768efe1c
+ See also: LuceneFAQ, "Is the IndexSearcher thread-safe?".
- === There is rarely a need to cache search results ===
+ === No need to cache search results ===
- Lucene is amazingly fast at retrieving hits. Rather than caching hits
+ Lucene is amazingly fast at searching. Rather than caching hits
  and paging through them, merely re-executing the query is almost always 
  fast enough. 
- See: LuceneFAQ#head-81ddcb6ef8573197a77e0c7b56b44cb27e6d7f09
+ See: LuceneFAQ, "How do I implement paging, i.e. showing result from 1-10, 11-20 etc?".
  When doing sub-searches (searching the results of a previous search),
  it's easier (and fast enough) to add the first query as a conditional
  to the second. 
- But if you really need to do this, see: LuceneFAQ#head-fdb488b09cb4a8546d76b22355c6d8d23dce786c
+ But if you really need to do this, see: LuceneFAQ, "Can I cache search results with Lucene?".

+ See also: LuceneFAQ, "Can Lucene do a "search within search", so that the second search
is constrained by the results of the first query?".
  === Use RangeFilter instead of RangeQuery ===
@@ -74, +76 @@

  RangeFilter doesn't suffer from this limitation.
+ See: LuceneFAQ, "Why am I getting a TooManyClauses exception?".
- See: LuceneFAQ#head-06fafb5d19e786a50fb3dfb8821a6af9f37aa831
  == Querying ==
@@ -88, +89 @@

  E.g. when offering additional search options in a Web form, it's easier and safer
  to combine them with the parsed Query object rather doing text manipulations on 
  the query string.
- See also: LuceneFAQ#head-f70612c6e4670e7fa2d5aeef4710effc522d85e0
  === Lucene is not a true boolean system ===
@@ -110, +109 @@

  The Lucene-contributed highlighter does the best it can, but it doesn't have 
  the information it really needs to correctly highlight the search results.
- See: LuceneFAQ#head-75566820ee94a425c7e2950ac61d24e405fbd914
+ See: LuceneFAQ, "Is there a way to get a text summary of an indexed document with Lucene
(a.k.a. a "snippet" or "fragment") to display along with the search result?".

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