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Subject svn commit: r189914 - /lucene/java/trunk/CHANGES.txt
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2005 07:30:17 GMT
Author: bmesser
Date: Fri Jun 10 00:30:15 2005
New Revision: 189914

remove duplicate entry in change log.


Modified: lucene/java/trunk/CHANGES.txt
--- lucene/java/trunk/CHANGES.txt (original)
+++ lucene/java/trunk/CHANGES.txt Fri Jun 10 00:30:15 2005
@@ -35,17 +35,12 @@
  5. When opening an IndexWriter with create=true, Lucene now only deletes
     its own files from the index directory (looking at the file name suffixes
     to decide if a file belongs to Lucene). The old behavior was to delete
-    all files. (Daniel Naber, bug #34695)
+    all files. (Daniel Naber and Bernhard Messer, bug #34695)
  6. The version of an IndexReader, as returned by getCurrentVersion()
     and getVersion() doesn't start at 0 anymore for new indexes. Instead, it
     is now initialized by the system time in milliseconds.
     (Bernhard Messer via Daniel Naber)
- 7. It is now possible to create a new lucene index within a directory which
-    already contains custom files. Files located in the index directory, will
-    not be deleted during index creation.
-    (Bernhard Messer and Daniel Naber)
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