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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Timing out a query in Solr without partial results
Date Mon, 16 May 2016 16:51:17 GMT

: I'm using Solr5.4.1 and I want to use *timeAllowed* parameter in request
: handler, but I don't want to get partial results if allowed time elapsed.
: How can I do it?

i don't really understand your question ... if you want to use 
timeAllowed, that suggests/implies that you want solr to abort the reuqest 
early if the timeAllowed limit is exceeded -- but if the request is 
aborted earlier then you will only have partial Results -- there's no way 
ot magiclaly get all the results if you abort early.

So what is it that you would like to see happen instead?

My best guess is that you mean you want Solr to just abort completley w/o 
*returning* the partial results ... i don't believe that's possible, but 
the response header will indicate that the results are "partialResults" 
and you can just ignore the response in that situation.


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