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From Sagarneel Biswas <>
Subject SOLR giving out of memory with DAY CQ 5.5 transport handler
Date Mon, 21 Jul 2014 02:48:58 GMT

I am trying to achieve following:

   1. Implementing SOLR (solr 4.5) search with DAY CQ 5.5.
   2. Indexing should happen as soon as one or more pages gets in to the
   replication agent of DAY CQ 5.5. To do so, I have my implementation of
   transport handler. What it does is, as soon as there is a page in the
   queue, it gets triggered and create solr server instance, create solr input
   doc, and post the input doc to SOLR. Then commits and shut down server.
   3. So, for every request hard commit is happening which eventually a
   memory overhead and I want to get rid of it.
   4. I want to use auto commit functionality for every 100 doc submission
   and for every 10 sec. I have modified the solrConfig.xml as follows:


It seems commit is not happening and I have no clue, whats going on. I have
attached the entire solrConfig.xml as well with this mail.

I am OK to do a hard commit for a longer time say 1 hour. However, soft
commit should happen immediately, so that it appears in search.

Please help.


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