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From Nagendra Nagarajayya <>
Subject Apache Solr 4.1 with RankingAlgorithm 1.4.7 available now -- includes realtime-search with multiple granularities
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2013 13:46:57 GMT

I am very excited to announce the availability of Solr 4.1 with 
RankingAlgorithm40 1.4.7 with realtime-search (multiple granularities). 
realtime-search is very fast NRT and allows you to not only lookup a 
document by id but also allows you to search in realtime, see The update performance is about 
70,000 docs / sec and can scale up to 2 billion docs . The query 
performance is in ms, allows you to  query a 10m wikipedia index 
(complete index) in <50 ms.

This release introduces realtime-search with multiple granularities, 
request/intra-request. The granularity attribute controls the NRT 
behavior. With attribute granularity="request", all search components 
like search, faceting, highlighting, etc. will see a consistent view of 
the index and will all report the same number of documents. With 
granularity="intrarequest", the components may each report the most 
recent changes to the index. realtime-search has been contributed back 
to Apache Solr, please see (the new  request 
granularity patch).

This release also includes the experimental TimedSerialMergeScheduler 
that allows you to postpone your merges to an off hours time like 11pm 
or 1am increasing performance.

RankingAlgorithm 1.4.7 supports the entire Lucene Query Syntax, ± and/or 
boolean/dismax/glob/regular expression/wildcard/fuzzy/prefix/suffix 
queries with boosting, etc. and is compatible with the new Lucene 4.0 api.

You can get more information about realtime-search performance from here:

You can download Solr 4.1 with RankingAlgorithm40 1.4.7 from here:

Please download and give the new version a try.


Nagendra Nagarajayya

1. Apache Solr 4.1 with RankingAlgorithm40 1.4.7 is an external project.

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