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From Koji Sekiguchi <>
Subject Re: Advice/consulting from Lucene community on NLP-heavy search applications
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2012 23:25:42 GMT
(12/12/11 22:58), Matthew Willson wrote:
> Hi all
> At Swiftkey we've developed a lot of expertise in language modelling in the course of
> predictive text entry products. We're now increasingly looking to solve information retrieval
> problems using related techniques, and have identified Lucene 4 as a potential basis
for this work.
> Ours aren't standard web search applications though. We face some
> interesting challenges in incorporating NLP techniques into a scalable search architecture,
and from
> our work so far it's clear that a fair amount of custom development will be necessary
on top of
> Lucene. So we're reaching out for advice -- to help us avoid engineering pitfalls, speed
up our
> understanding of relevant Lucene internals and extension points, and to ensure we make
the best use
> of existing work in the Lucene ecosystem.
> For the right person this is something we're happy to pay for, either as commercial support,
> consulting gig or potentially a full-time role out of our London office surrounded by
a great
> engineering team full of NLP experts.
> We're also keen to give back to the Lucene community and open to discussion around open-sourcing
> some of the results of our work, potentially sponsoring specific pieces of feature development
> we can identify a piece of work which fits into the community roadmap.
> Do get in touch with if this sounds interesting to you, or anyone else
you know!
> Cheers,
> -Matthew

Hi Matthew,

Just an FYI, I'm one of persons who believe Lucene 4 is convenient for developing NLP tools,
as I've experienced developing a NLP tool that automatically obtains synonym knowledge from
dictionary corpus:


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