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From Catherine Tate <>
Subject Making a contribution to Lucene - please help
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2012 14:09:05 GMT

	I'm trying to add a phonetic algorithm to the Apache Lucene project. I have the algorithm
ready-to-go plus tests. All that remains is "hard-wiring" it into the project itself (which
I'm finding difficult). I need some help here (a little hand holding)
	I initially thought that I had to put it into the commons-codec sub-project but I was corrected
and told to put the algorithm into the lucene/analysis/phoenetic/src/java area and implement
	I'm a little worried by this as all I see are filters here and I'm trying to follow existing
pattern before I upload the patch. 	
	Anyway, what I have at the moment is something like this sketch:
public class NewPhoenetic implements org.apache.commons.codec.Encoder{public static String
GetMRA(String name){	//blah blah - gets the encoding		
public static boolean ComparePhoeneticEncoding(String name1, string name2){	//compare 2 encoded
names to see if they match	//etc...

@Overridepublic Object encode(Object arg0) throws EncoderException {//return null;if(arg0
== null)return null;return MatchRatingApproach.GetPhoeneticEncoding(arg0.toString());}

	My question are: 1. Am I going in the right direction, any suggestions, improvements, things
to watch out for? The second question is how do I integrate the unit tests that I have. I
see that may are located in: lucene/analysis/phoenetic/src/test but I don't understand the
	I would appreciate if you could code some small code-samples/patterns along with any explanations
- I'm still pretty new to Java so what may be simple to you may not be so obvious to me.
Thanks for any help in advance,Catherine 		 	   		  
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