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From Steven A Rowe <>
Subject RE: Making a contribution to Lucene - please help
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2012 19:41:39 GMT
Hi Catherine,


I assume you are the same person as "jellyman" who posted earlier in this mailing list about
exactly this same topic?  If so, FYI, someone posting under multiple identities can be a predictor
for various forms of mailing list nastiness, so you might want to pick one identity and stick
with it here.

FYI, you're posting to the wrong mailing list. is not monitored
by many people, and is intended for use in discussing top-level Lucene or cross-sub-project
issues.  You should instead be on, which is devoted to *development*
of Lucene and Solr.  I'm sending this to both lists, but you should respond only on
 For future reference, discussions of *usage* of Lucene goes to
 More details here: <>.

Some of your tests should go into lucene/analysis/phonetic/src/test/org/apache/lucene/analysis/phonetic/
- you should add your algorithm to each of the three test*() methods in that class.

As soon as possible, you should create a JIRA issue and upload your patch - it's much easier
to provide guidance against a concrete implementation.  In case you haven't seen it, some
of the mechanics of this process are described here: <>.

Happy coding!


-----Original Message-----
From: Catherine Tate [] 
Sent: Tuesday, August 21, 2012 10:09 AM
Subject: Making a contribution to Lucene - please help

	I'm trying to add a phonetic algorithm to the Apache Lucene project. I have the algorithm
ready-to-go plus tests. All that remains is "hard-wiring" it into the project itself (which
I'm finding difficult). I need some help here (a little hand holding)
	I initially thought that I had to put it into the commons-codec sub-project but I was corrected
and told to put the algorithm into the lucene/analysis/phoenetic/src/java area and implement
	I'm a little worried by this as all I see are filters here and I'm trying to follow existing
pattern before I upload the patch. 	
	Anyway, what I have at the moment is something like this sketch:
public class NewPhoenetic implements org.apache.commons.codec.Encoder{public static String
GetMRA(String name){	//blah blah - gets the encoding		
public static boolean ComparePhoeneticEncoding(String name1, string name2){	//compare 2 encoded
names to see if they match	//etc...

@Overridepublic Object encode(Object arg0) throws EncoderException {//return null;if(arg0
== null)return null;return MatchRatingApproach.GetPhoeneticEncoding(arg0.toString());}

	My question are: 1. Am I going in the right direction, any suggestions, improvements, things
to watch out for? The second question is how do I integrate the unit tests that I have. I
see that may are located in: lucene/analysis/phoenetic/src/test but I don't understand the
	I would appreciate if you could code some small code-samples/patterns along with any explanations
- I'm still pretty new to Java so what may be simple to you may not be so obvious to me.
Thanks for any help in advance,Catherine 		 	   		  

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