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From Ilya Zavorin <>
Subject Lucene index directory on disk: (i) do I need to keep it and (ii) how do I handle encryption?
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2012 14:36:15 GMT
I have two somewhat related questions. I'm working on an Android app that uses Lucene indexing
and search. Currently, I precompute an index on desktop and then copy the resulting index
folder and files to the Android device. In my app, I open the index up like this:

String indexDir = "/mnt/sdcard/MyIndexDir";
Directory dir =;

I have 2 questions:
1. Does Lucene load the entire index into memory? If so, does it mean that after creating
the Directory object, I can delete the index dir from the device? Does this depend on the
size of the index? If so, do I have an option of forcing it to load the whole index into memory
regardless of its size?
2. Right now the index folder is unencrypted. This is temporary: we have a requirement to
encrypt every single file and folder that is used by the app. The problem with this is that
I can't create an unencrypted copy of the folder on the device, i.e. I can't do something
like this:

String indexDirEncr = "/mnt/sdcard/MyIndexDirEncr";
String indexDirUnencr = "/mnt/sdcard/MyIndexDirUnencr";
// Decrypt indexDirEncr and store it in indexDirUnencr
Directory dir =;

Is there a good way to handle this? That is, is it somehow possible to load the encrypted
folder into memory, decrypt it and then load the decrypted version from memory to create a
Directory object?

Thanks much!

Ilya Zavorin

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