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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Creating index in multicore solr
Date Thu, 24 Nov 2011 01:24:58 GMT

: And I create the folder accordingly. But when I try to add handler to it
: suppose to core1 in the core1->config->solrconfig.xml , the core0 disappears
: from the core list

"disappears" as in no longer shows up on the admin screen at all?  that's 
odd.  does your solr.xml file change as well?

: The content of data-config.xml under core0/conf is:

I'm not sure if that's just a typo or not, but at various point in your 
email you said you are adding the usage of dataimport handler to core1, 
and in other places you talk about putting data-config.xml in core0/conf 
... perhaps you're having problems because the config can't even be found?

have you checked your logs to see what DIH is saying on core load and/or 
when you try to execute the import?

FWIW: Future questions about Solr should be sent to the solr-user@lucene 
mailing list (which has more subscribers and is more likeley to generate 
responses).  general@lucene is for discussions about the broader Lucene 
project as a whole.


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