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From Ilya Zavorin <>
Subject Lucene on Android: indexing, searching and highlighting
Date Tue, 15 Nov 2011 18:22:03 GMT
Hello everyone,

I was not sure which of the Lucene lists was the most appropriate for this message, so I chose
the general list...

I need to write a Lucene-based search and retrieval app for Android. Unfortunately, I am new
to both Android development and Lucene, so I am going up two learning curves at the same time.

My app needs to do the following:
1. I have a collection of docs that I index
2. I have a set of queries I run against the docs/index
3. I need to find all "good" docs where at least one of the queries occurs. 
4. I also need to find where in each of the good docs a hit occurs, i.e. I need to "highlight"
all the occurring queries in each of the docs. So maybe I need to compute pairs of pointers
with each pair showing where a hit starts and ends, or something similar.

I will be using Lucene 3.4.0. It also looks like for #4 I will need to use highlighting capabilities.

My main question is whether I should expect any performance problems at any of the indexing/searching/highlighting
steps? Can I use the lucene and highlighting jars (lucene-core-3.4.0.jar and lucene-highlighter-3.4.0.jar)
"out of the box"?

Also, is there any sample code that would show how Lucene components should be invoked on

Thank you, 

Ilya Zavorin

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