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From Alex Shneyderman <>
Subject Suggestions or best practices for indexing the logs
Date Thu, 13 Oct 2011 23:21:43 GMT
Hello, everybody!

I am trying to introduce faster searches to our application that sifts
through the logs. And Lucene seems to be the tool to use here. The one
peculiarity of the problem it seems there are few files and they
contain many log statements. I avoid storing the text in the index
itself. Given all this I setup indexing as follows:

I iterate over a log file and for each statement in the log file I do
the indexing of the statements content.

Here is the java code that does field additions:

            NumericField startOffset = new NumericField("so",
Field.Store.YES, false);
            startOffset.setLongValue( statement.getStartOffset() );

            NumericField endOffset = new NumericField("eo",
Field.Store.YES, false);
            endOffset.setLongValue( statement.getEndOffset() );

            NumericField timestampField = new NumericField("ts",
Field.Store.YES, true);

            doc.add(new Field("fn", fileTagName, Field.Store.YES,
Field.Index.NO ));
            doc.add(new Field("ct", statement.getContent(),
Field.Store.NO, Field.Index.ANALYZED, Field.TermVector.NO));

I am getting following results (index size vs log files) with this scheme:

The size of the logs is 385MB.
(00:13:08) /var/tmp/logs > du -ms /var/tmp/logs
385     /var/tmp/logs

The size of the index is 143MB.
(00:41:26) /var/tmp/index > du -ms /var/tmp/index
143     /var/tmp/index

Is this a normal ratio 143Mb / 385 Mb - seems like it is a bit too
much (I would expect something like 1/5 - 1/7 for the index)? Is there
anything I can do to move this to the desired ration? Of course what
would help is the words histogram and here the top of the output of
the words histogram script that I ran on the logs:

Total number of words: 26935271
Number of different words: 551981
The most common words are:
as      3395203
10      797708
13      797662
2011    795595
at      787365
timer   746790

Could anyone suggest a better way to organize index for my logs? And
by better I mean more compact. Or this is as good as it gets? I tried
to optimize and got a 2Mb improvement (index went from 145Mb to

Could anyone point to an article that deals with indexing of logs? Any
help, suggestions and pointers are greatly appreciated.

Thanks for any and all help and cheers,

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