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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Special Board Report for May 2011
Date Fri, 13 May 2011 18:43:14 GMT

: consensus, at least speak up and say so)  Do you have other suggestions?  
: The Board Meeting is on the 19th and this report needs to be filled at 
: least 2 days prior to that.  Claims of thread fatigue, I am sure, are 
: not going to go over well with the Board, so I suggest all PMC Members 
: (as well as others) take some time to think about how to contribute to 
: this report.

I haven't commented much on this thread because I have generally agreed 
with the sentements, but as far as what specificly we should say in the 
report...  welll ... Quite frankly, I don't feel like there is very much 
the PMC *officially* can do here.

As I see it, the only concrete problem demonstrated was that two 
individuals attempted to revert/veto things inappropriately, and personal 
tensions escalated.

(In my opinon) there is no evidence that the PMC (as a whole) handled 
things in an inappropriate manner, because a Board member stepped in an 
started laying down the law before anyone (else) on the PMC really had a 
chance to even attempt to mediate the situation as an individual, let 
alone for the entire PMC to formally act in a collective manner (concesus 
takes more then 24 hours, and that's really the time frame we're talking 
about here where the shit hit the fan)

Unless we want to vote to revoke commit bits here and now based on (as far 
as i can remember) only one incident from each of the two individuals of 
svn/veto missuse in long histories of productive contribution, the only 
actionable steps i can think of moving forward is...

: 4. Write up lessons learned by all on commit/revert and 
: scratching/itches and make sure newcomers and old timers alike 
: understand how it works.

...and agree that moving forward, such behavior should result in the first 
PMC member who notices starting an immediate DISCUSS thread to address the 
situation and propose revoking commit/pmc karma

Unofficially: I think that by far the most important thing we can leran 
from this experience, and the most productive thing we can all do to help 
the community stay strong, is that everyone needs to make a concious 
effort to chill, the fuck, out.  

(but that probably isn't appropriate for a Board Report)

: 5. I gather, via lazy consensus from the other thread, that we are in 
: agreement on refactoring and we have a way forward.

I agree, but again:  i don't see how that's really relevant to the Board 
Report.  It's a discussion we had in the aftermath of some temper 
tantrums, but it doesn't change what happen, nor does it have any impact 
on what/how we can/should deal with potential conflicts like this in the 


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