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From Grant Ingersoll <>
Subject Re: Special Board Report for May 2011
Date Fri, 13 May 2011 01:38:28 GMT

On May 12, 2011, at 5:31 PM, Uwe Schindler wrote:

>>> I think the current state of logging only #lucene-dev is good.
>> Yeah, except no one is on it other than a few people even though many of
>> them (committers that is) are on #lucene
> I haven't seen any technical discussions anymore on #lucene. I was
> discussing with simon and mike on #lucene-dev the past days and had some
> work going on for the IndexUpgrader tool and MergePolicies. The discussions
> were even linked on JIRA issues.
>>> I go to #lucene-dev now. I think only IRC channel(s) that are
> Lucene/Solr
>> internal development in nature need to be logged -- and that's just
> #lucene-
>> dev. So just because you have observed many developers are on #lucene
>> instead of #lucene-dev doesn't indicate a problem, so long as no design
>> decisions for Lucene/Solr take place on #lucene or #solr.  #lucene and
> #solr is
>> where users get to ask questions, much like how it is on the user mailing
> lists.
>> So *if* (I don't know if it happens) internal Lucene / Solr design
> decisions are
>> taking place on #lucene or #solr then obviously that must stop. I'd rather
>> these channels not get logged so that we can have an expectation of a
> single
>> place for these discussions on IRC and have that place be clear of user
>> support questions.
>>> RE refactoring / modularization, it's good to finally see a sense of
>> agreement on how to move forward.
> Yeah that ok, I have nothing to add to that (and don't want anymore, it's a
> soap opera).
>>>> 3. Put in the automated patch checking system that Hadoop uses.
>> Volunteers?  Perhaps we can knock this out at Lucene Revolution?
> Who logs the stuff there? In my opinion, a meeting on Lucene-Rev is also
> "private" - or is this different somehow? What's difference between a
> private talk between two or three people in a bar at Lucene Revolution
> without somebody writing down a log? A log can also be written if somebody
> else talks with me in a private Skype chat!

Point taken.  For this particular thing at Revolution, I was just saying we could get the
Patch checker implemented while in person and it would be logged b/c we write up how it works
(which Nigel Daley has already on Builds and which I think I forwarded)

At any rate, you are right.  We should just make sure we log things as appropriate.  People
have discussions all the time.  The gist of the discussions and any proposals should be logged.
 Then it needs some time to be noticed before it is officially acted on, I guess.  In other
words, if two people get together on IRC and make a decision then it should be logged and
they can say something like "I plan to commit this in a day or two" instead of simply committing
it right then and there.  Of course, for small stuff, use your judgment.  I think we all get
it, at this point, so I will stop beating the dead horse.


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