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From Ryan McKinley <>
Subject Re: Special Board Report for May 2011
Date Thu, 12 May 2011 21:24:44 GMT
> As it stands now, we have the following concrete suggestions:
> 1. Log IRC -- from the looks of #lucene-dev, it appears that people have not migrated
to the new logged version.  To me, we really should just hook up the logger to #lucene and
forget #lucene-dev ever existed.  We should also put a note that the room is being logged.
 I am beginning to be of the mindset that any design/dev conversation that is not logged
on IRC is the equivalent of a private conversation.

funny, i did not even know about #lucene-dev

+0, logging seems easy to do, but i don't think it really solves any
real problem.  (i don't want to read through IRC logs to figure out
what we are thinking)

> 2. Rotate the Chair -- I would propose that this Report is my last official one and that
the next Board meeting contains a resolution changing the chair.


I will put myself way at the bottom of the list -- and thank Grant for
his work/effort to date.

> 3. Put in the automated patch checking system that Hadoop uses.  Volunteers?  Perhaps
we can knock this out at Lucene Revolution?
> 4. Write up lessons learned by all on commit/revert and scratching/itches and make sure
newcomers and old timers alike understand how it works.
> 5. I gather, via lazy consensus from the other thread, that we are in agreement on refactoring
and we have a way forward.

I believe so -- a summary should be included in #4

> 6. Discourage private emails, phone calls, etc. as they relate to the project.  I personally
am starting to think that if there is wind of this happening more that it is not at all unreasonable
to remove commit bits.

Not sure what this means -- perhaps it is a question of scale/subject.
 There will always be private mail/phone/im conversations about dev,
but I agree that discussions about project direction etc should be


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