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From "Uwe Schindler" <>
Subject RE: Special Board Report for May 2011
Date Thu, 12 May 2011 21:31:57 GMT
> > I think the current state of logging only #lucene-dev is good.
> Yeah, except no one is on it other than a few people even though many of
> them (committers that is) are on #lucene

I haven't seen any technical discussions anymore on #lucene. I was
discussing with simon and mike on #lucene-dev the past days and had some
work going on for the IndexUpgrader tool and MergePolicies. The discussions
were even linked on JIRA issues.

> >  I go to #lucene-dev now. I think only IRC channel(s) that are
> internal development in nature need to be logged -- and that's just
> dev. So just because you have observed many developers are on #lucene
> instead of #lucene-dev doesn't indicate a problem, so long as no design
> decisions for Lucene/Solr take place on #lucene or #solr.  #lucene and
#solr is
> where users get to ask questions, much like how it is on the user mailing
> So *if* (I don't know if it happens) internal Lucene / Solr design
decisions are
> taking place on #lucene or #solr then obviously that must stop. I'd rather
> these channels not get logged so that we can have an expectation of a
> place for these discussions on IRC and have that place be clear of user
> support questions.
> >
> > RE refactoring / modularization, it's good to finally see a sense of
> agreement on how to move forward.

Yeah that ok, I have nothing to add to that (and don't want anymore, it's a
soap opera).

> >> 3. Put in the automated patch checking system that Hadoop uses.
> Volunteers?  Perhaps we can knock this out at Lucene Revolution?

Who logs the stuff there? In my opinion, a meeting on Lucene-Rev is also
"private" - or is this different somehow? What's difference between a
private talk between two or three people in a bar at Lucene Revolution
without somebody writing down a log? A log can also be written if somebody
else talks with me in a private Skype chat!


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