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From "Uwe Schindler" <>
Subject RE: [VOTE] Create Solr TLP
Date Tue, 26 Apr 2011 21:28:52 GMT

Strong -1 to unmerge.

Many of you know that I was originally against the merge, but once I saw the
possibilities (especially refactoring the analysis stuff), I started to also
actively support it. I helped together with lots of other
previous-only-Lucene committers to move the svn together and rewrite parts
of the build system. After that we started to move analyzers to one place,
added Solr by factories for *all* Lucene analyzers available and vice versa
opened Solr analyzers to Lucene users. We removed lots of deprecated code
usage (which made Solr move from Lucene 2.9 to 3.0). This was especially the
work of Lucene committers who originally developed the new analysis API.
Solr had at this time not many active developers, so help from Lucene users
was welcome. So at this time, the merge helped both projects.

Problems started at that time, when some of us suggested to "remove"
features from Solr and move it to Lucene Core, means faceting (I mentioned
that first on a conference to the public, which disagreed some people),
function queries, schema support, clustering, dismax. From my point of view
as originally only a "Lucene Committer" is, that Solr was and is still
somehow dominated by one person who is afraid of losing functionality in
Solr that was originally developed by him and this could reduce the power of
Solr on the market (yes, there is also a company behind, that mainly wants
to sell consulting to Solr users [as this is of course easier to do], but
that's just a side note).

I think instead of splitting again, Lucene TLP should consider thinking
about better communication between the committers, allow different opinions
for Solr's later development and maybe vote a new PMC (as the current PMC
was simply merged from Solr and Lucene, where conflicts are programmed).

If the merged Lucene+Solr is not what the dominating person wants to have,
it is free to fork Solr from Apache (yes it's open source and you can
sell/provide a forked version to customers with only huper-duper features
that separates from Lucene, but I think this is already done -
LW-Enterprise). But if most committers here want to help to bring both
Lucene+Solr to the top of search engines, they are free to do it at the ASF
with discussion and also lots of code refactoring - we are using SVN, so we
always have the track what was done. Reverting or not reverting is only
political, nothing technical. And disagreement is also valid in an open
source project, but disagreeing people should sometimes revise their opinion
- this applies to a few more people here, I am also not always the best
discussion partner (police is the executive... *g*).


Uwe Schindler
H.-H.-Meier-Allee 63, D-28213 Bremen

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> From: [] On Behalf Of Yonik
> Seeley
> Sent: Tuesday, April 26, 2011 8:50 PM
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> Subject: [VOTE] Create Solr TLP
> A single merged project works only when people are relatively on the same
> page, and when people feel it's mutually beneficial.  Recent events make
> clear that that is no longer the case.
> Improvements to Solr have been recently blocked and reverted on the
> grounds that the new functionality was not immediately available to
> users.
> This was obviously never part of the original idea (well actually - it was
> considered but rejected as too onerous).  But the past doesn't matter as
> much as the present - about how people chose to act and interpret things
> today.
> Some people warned us against merging at the start, and I guess it turns
> they were right.
> I no longer feel it's in Solr's best interests to remain under the same
PMC as
> Lucene-Java, and I know some other committers who have said they feel like
> Lucene got the short end of the stick.  But rather than arguing about
> right (maybe both?) since enough of us feel it's no longer mutually
> we should stop fighting and just go our separate ways.
> Please VOTE to create a new Apache Solr TLP.
> Here's my +1
> -Yonik

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