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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: how to build complex xml-based queries with Apache Lucene ?
Date Wed, 02 Mar 2011 21:09:55 GMT
: I need to build a xml-based query with Apache Lucene.
: and the query is actually also a document that I need to compare with the
: entire collection. Each attribute has a different similarity metric. e.g.
: description has tf-idf cosine similarity. Time is just the difference and
: "latitude" + "longitude" is compared using the harvesine distance.
: For now I've only performed searches with simple textual queries such as
: "word1 word2". How can I build more complex queries instead ?

First off, it doesn't actaully sound like you have any real requirement to 
use "xml-based queries" ... your data just happens to be in XML, and you 
wnat to query using other data that also happens to be in XML.

Second: it's not clear if you want to use the Lucene Java API directly, or 
if you wnat to use Solr -- depending on the answer to that question, i 
would suggest you send a (more detailed) description of your problem to 
the approriate user list (java-user@lucene or solr-user@lucene)

In general: mixing text based tf/idf queries with distance based queries 
is completley possible -- all things in Lucene are ultimately a Query 
object, which decides what Scoring to perform, and Lucene has Query types 
that support all of the functionality you've described.


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