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From brsseb <>
Subject Index time boosting seem to have no effect
Date Sat, 29 Jan 2011 12:55:11 GMT

Im using Lucene for searching though a collection of financial instruments
(stocks, basically). The users should be able to search for a financial
instrument  based on its name. The financial instruments belong to different
stock exchanges, and we would like to prioritize them so that some exchanges
has a higher weight in the search result than others. So I though this would
be a perfect situation to use document boosting at index time. 

But using doc.setBoost() to for example 1.5f for important documents and
0.5f for less important doesnt seem to have any effect. Ive inspected the
index in the utility Luke, and experimented with differerent queries, but I
still get wrong query result ranking. 

For example, if I index two financial instruments, Statoil on Oslo Stock
Exchange and Sterling on New York Stock Exchange, both of which has a ticker
code field "STL", when the user types in "STL" in the user interface, we
would like Statoil to be weighted higher than Sterling (since Oslo stock
exchange is more important for us than NYSE at the moment). But in the
result I get, Sterling is ranked higher for some reason. Even worse, further
inspection in Luke reveals that they have basically the same
seams that boosting have no effect at all.

Here is (what I believe to be) the important parts of my indexing code:

IndexWriter indexWriter = new IndexWriter(index, new
StandardAnalyzer(Version.LUCENE_30), new
doc.add(new Field(attribute, value.toString(), Field.Store.NO,
float boost = 1.0f;
if (item.getMic().equals("XOSL")) boost = 1.5F;  // OSLO
if (item.getMic().equals("XNYS")) boost = 0.5F;  // NYSE

Ive written a unit test to verify the ordering, and it currently fails due
to the boost having no effect:

Wrong ordering detected. Expected ordering was: 

	=>NO0010096985.NOK.XOSL	Statoil
	=>US8591581074.USD.XNYS	Sterling Bancorp (NY)

Actual ordering was:

	=>US8591581074.USD.XNYS	Sterling Bancorp (NY)
	=>NO0010096985.NOK.XOSL	Statoil

Im using Lucene 3.0.2
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