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From entdeveloper <>
Subject Re: CachingWrapperFilter use
Date Sat, 08 Jan 2011 01:42:21 GMT

Oook. So I think I figured this out: the CachingWrapperFilter isn't really
intended to be used dynamically (i.e. the wrapped filter changes for each
search). It's only really useful if the same filter is being used every time
(e.g. filter type=movies for a movie search site).

Am I getting that right?

I guess what I need is something like Solr's filter cache, where filters
based on repeated search criteria are retrieved from the cache. Has anyone
written something like this and used filters in this way before?

I have a search where one of the criteria is a location (New York, Los
Angeles, Chicago). I want to put this term in a filter, so that every
subsequent request for one of those locations is pulled from a cache for
better performance.

entdeveloper wrote:
> How is the CachingWrapperFilter intended to be used in a web environment
> where new requests come in to be executed? Each time a search comes in, I
> create a filter and then wrap it with a new instance of the
> CachingWrapperFilter (to cache searches when requests for the same input
> comes in) like so:
> TopDocs search(String input) {
>   Term term = new Term("name", input);
>   Filter filter = new CachingWrapperFilter(new PrefixFilter(term));
>   return MatchAllDocsQuery(), filter, 10, null);
> }
> So if my understanding is correct, given the javadoc and example in
> 'Lucene in Action', this won't actually cache anything because each time a
> new request comes in, a new instance of CachingWrapperFilter is being
> used. I'm a little confused as to how CachingWrapperFilter is to be used
> otherwise. Can anyone help?

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