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From Josh Handel <>
Subject RE: Lucene.NET Community Status
Date Tue, 02 Nov 2010 20:04:03 GMT
The vibe I am getting from this discussion is seems to be the following.. (this is just a summary
of the directions this conversation seems to me to be going).

1) A conceptual port of Lucene is probably not a good idea because search is such a complex
and difficult task.  
2) Line by Line port works (as it has in the past) but is VERY time consuming... If we can
find automation tools and a way to parallelize the process that would go a long way to helping
this project survive.
3) We have LOTS of consumers of the tool, but limited (1) real committer, that's because the
line by line port isn't fun, exciting, and grueling.
4) We need a community of committers 
5) We need to revamp the website
6) It may be worth the long term value of the project to let it slip to incubator, and then
re-emerge as a TLP, especially as hanging out under the Java Lucene could be part of what
is hurting the project's success in gathering other supporters.
7) There is an overwhelming desire to have .NETaffied API, perhaps as a wrapper, or as a core
8) There are a handful of automated tools to help with java to c# porting, but we need to
test them (and a fair bit of trepidation about if they will provide value to the process)
9) If we find one we like and its not OSS what does that mean? (Sponsorships, Apache Software
Foundation, etc)

I think that concats most of the biggest points we are talking about..  if I missed something
its an oversight.. Append it to the list :-)..

I'm thinking once we understand all the moving parts to this discussion we can start (as a
community) bringing points to consensus and moving forward to coming up with a plan of attack.


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