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From Josh Handel <>
Subject RE: Lucene.NET Community Status
Date Tue, 02 Nov 2010 18:14:26 GMT
I should clarify here.. because this could sound hostal to the Apache Foundation..

I'm not for or against saying as an Apache Project.. But the Goals of being an Open Source
port of Lucene (line for line or otherwise) can be done inside or outside the Apache Foundation....
 Ergo, rather than assume that going back to Incubation with the hope of becoming a TLP inside
the Apache Foundation is what is best for this project, I think we should evaluate what Apache

If they provide compelling resources and support that is worth more than the Political headache
and overhead, then I say we stay. However, if we are all in a tizzy to not lose our status
and all they provide is source control, a mail list, and the name "Lucene" then I think we
should be discussing if that is worth the overhead they impose.


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From: Josh Handel [] 
Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 2010 1:02 PM
Cc:; Lucene mailing list
Subject: RE: Lucene.NET Community Status

One thing that has yet to be answered on this list is this :

What does Apache Foundation provide, that the project does not received on its own OTHER than
the name "Lucene"..     I hear a lot of what Apache requests of us, beyond a name what the
heck do they provide?   


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From: Grant Ingersoll [] 
Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 2010 12:59 PM
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Subject: Re: Lucene.NET Community Status

On Nov 2, 2010, at 1:20 PM, Granroth, Neal V. wrote:

> We've already been through this process once before.  Why repeat?

Because clearly it didn't take the first time and this time the goal is to demonstrate the
community can stand on its own two feet as an Apache Top Level Project (TLP).  Last time through,
the goal was to be a part of the Lucene PMC.

Given the declared interest level here, if it is indeed real, it shouldn't be a problem to
go back to the incubator with  some extra helping hands, do some real releases, learn how
Apache works and then graduate to be a TLP.


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