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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Draft proposal: Move Lucy to Incubator
Date Fri, 02 Jul 2010 20:39:23 GMT

This seems pretty solid to me, a few minor comments...

:     Since the Lucene PMC will not be responsible for Lucy much longer, it is
:     more appropriate for the software grant to take place within the context
:     of the Incubator than the Lucene TLP.  As none of our current members have
:     Apache PMC experience, we also seek to take advantage of the Incubator
:     environment to prepare ourselves for responsible self-governance.

I can't articulate exactly what i'm feeling here, but I feel like this 
background section could benefit from some mention of the shift away from 
"Umbrella projects" being an influencer towards wanting to enter the 

:     * Make a 1.0 stable release as quickly as possible.
:     * Concentrate on community expansion immediately thereafter.
:     * Expose a public C API.

i would not say "immediately thereafter" ... building up the community 
should be an independent goal, worked on concurrently with other technical 

that was the the hardest thing for me to wrap my head arround when Solr 
was incubating -- in many ways i was actively trying to keep Solr a 
"secret" until i felt like it was "ready to be unvield" but that's not 
what incubation is about, and it's really teh antithesis of how to have 
asuccessful project -- you don't get a lot of contributors all at once by 
saying "here it is, we've got something that's stable and solid and 
'done', who wants to come be a part of it?" .. you get contributors slowly 
and surely by saying "here's what we've got so far, who wants to help us 
make this better?"

:     * Subversion repository: []
:     * Perl API documentation: []
:     * Discussion list: []
:     The initial source will be a snapshot from the KinoSearch subversion
:     repository.

...what about hte eisting ASF Lucy SVN repo / mailing lists? should those 
be mentioned here?

:     1. Marvin Humphrey (marvin at rectangular dot com)
:     2. Peter Karman (peter at peknet dot com)
:     3. Nathan Kurz ( )

...I'm not certain, but it might make sense to mention who on that list is 
already an apache committer (or has a CLA on file)


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