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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: [PMC] [DISCUSS] Lucy
Date Tue, 15 Jun 2010 00:16:46 GMT

: Finally, given that Lucy undoubtedly is a separate community (if it ever 
: exists) with separate goals from Lucene and that it is considered ASF 
: best practice for PMC's to not be "umbrella" projects, I think we should 
: consider either Lucy going into the Incubator with the goal of growing 
: it's own community and standing on it's own as a TLP in its own right 
: (just as we recommended for CLucene recently) or going to Google Code or 

(DISCLAIMER: I personally find the ASF's policy of discouraging/disbanding 
umbrella projects silly and w/o merrit)

I think it's clear that Lucy's long term future rests in becoming a TLP. 
The ASF's policy about umbrella projects leave very little room to imagine 
a way of justifying Lucy as a sub-project since it does not, and is not 
ever likely, to have any serious overlap in community or code (regardless 
of how much the cross pollination of *ideas* has proved valuable and will 
likely continue to prove valuable in the future).  

The question that remains is how to get from A to B.

I'm having a hard time wrapping my head arround the idea of Lucy moving 
from the Lucene TLP to the Incubator TLP.  It probably would have made 
sense for Lucy start in the Incubator years ago, but I'm not really sure 
what value that would add now given the status quo.  Would the Incubator 
TLP be in a better position to help build the Lucy community then the 
Lucene TLP?  Would it have more visibility then it does now?  Would the 
Incubator PMC even *accept* Lucy since there are no IP issues, and the 
existing committers/community are allready ASF commiters/community?

My suggestion would be that Lucy stay in the Lucene TLP, and that the Lucy 
development community focus on more *community* driven goals and less code 
driven goals until the community reaches a size that is self sustainable 
so that it can graduate to a TLP (ie: add committers, build a user base, 
have a release -- even if it's a 0.1 release with APIs that are subject to 
change, etc....).  This is probably the same roadmap that Lucy would be 
expected to take if it moved to the Incubator right now, but with less 
infra overhead and domain changes -- things that seem like they would do 
more harm then good as far as helping people "find" Lucy.

If i wasn't so behind on my email, i would have suggested/recommended that 
we raise this quetsion in our Board report this month, and specificly ask 
the Board for their guidance on the "move to Incubator" idea (since 
they're the ones pushing against umbrella projects) ... but i guess it's 
too late now.  Perhaps an addendum?


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