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From Grant Ingersoll <>
Subject Re: [PMC] [DISCUSS] Lucy
Date Sun, 13 Jun 2010 22:01:44 GMT

On Jun 13, 2010, at 2:42 PM, Marvin Humphrey wrote:

> On Sun, Jun 13, 2010 at 07:23:09AM -0400, Grant Ingersoll wrote:
>> The thing it needs to do, in my mind, is prove their a community here more
>> than just Marvin (and despite the discussion on IRC, the mail archives
>> paint a different story:                          
> I hope Peter Karman will forgive me for citing him as an example.
> The majority of Peter's work on Lucy over the last year has been on the
> compatibility layer.  His patches typically originate as KinoSearch patches;
> Peter works on KS rather than Lucy because he needs something that gets the
> job done today.  However, because the KS compatibility layer consists entirely
> of code which has been contributed to Lucy, his patches also apply against
> Lucy.  See for example
> <>.
> Peter has also been rolling KinoSearch releases for a while now, freeing me up
> to do things like fix bugs for which he's supplied the test cases :)
> <>. He's had a commit bit on
> KS for years.  
> Additionally, Peter has released multiple CPAN distros which extend
> KinoSearch, including a more sophisticated query parser:
> <>.

I don't get why Lucy isn't just a part of KinoSearch.  Why all this extra work to be at the
ASF?  Please don't take that the wrong way as I'm totally fine w/ Lucy as an ASF project.
I am genuinely curious about it, since they seem so tightly integrated.  From a software standpoint,
I don't see the benefit of a separate project hosted somewhere else with the overhead the
ASF brings.  At any rate, I trust you have your reasons.

> Those of you who know my hatred for query parser holy wars can appreciate how
> happy it made me to see someone else write that module. :)
>> ASF projects must be able to survive the withdrawal of a contributor and I
>> don't think Lucy would.  

>> I was only suggesting the other options as something Lucy might
>> find easier to deal with since it won't have ASF restrictions, 
> Lucy is and ought to be a community project.  Moving to somewhere like Google
> code would impede that.  It belongs at Apache.  

I agree.  I'm not against it being a part of Apache.  In fact, I would encourage it.  If I
had more time, I might even sign up to mentor.

My suggestion would be to see if Peter and Nate are interested in being committers on Lucy
as an Incubator project.  Then, find a Mentor and a Champion and you are well on your way
to a community based project that fits in quite nicely at the ASF.

>> but if the project wants to stay in the ASF than by all means to the
>> Incubator. 
> Within the near future, I will take up the matter on the Incubator list.  I'd
> do it today, but there are some private conversations I would like to conclude
> first (and some people appear to be on vacation).

No hurry.

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