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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Re: [PMC] [DISCUSS] Lucy
Date Tue, 15 Jun 2010 17:48:08 GMT
On 6/15/10 1:38 PM, Doug Cutting wrote:
> On 06/14/2010 05:16 PM, Chris Hostetter wrote:
>> I'm having a hard time wrapping my head arround the idea of Lucy moving
>> from the Lucene TLP to the Incubator TLP. It probably would have made
>> sense for Lucy start in the Incubator years ago, but I'm not really sure
>> what value that would add now given the status quo. Would the Incubator
>> TLP be in a better position to help build the Lucy community then the
>> Lucene TLP? Would it have more visibility then it does now? Would the
>> Incubator PMC even *accept* Lucy since there are no IP issues, and the
>> existing committers/community are allready ASF commiters/community?
> I think the question to ask first is whether the Lucene PMC is willing
> to continue incubating Lucy. The Lucene PMC must either commit to
> providing some oversight, teaching Lucy the Apache way and guiding it to
> graduation as a TLP, or hand control to someone else who is willing,
> like the Incubator PMC. If the majority of the PMC feel this is not a
> task they care to take on, then a move to the Incubator might make
> sense. But if the majority feels they can provide oversight for the
> period of time required (6 more months?) then there's no reason to
> change things.
> The anti-umbrella rule isn't hard-and-fast. Umbrella's have often led to
> neglected projects and confusion, so they're generally discouraged. The
> rule of thumb is one-committer-community, one-project, but it's a rule
> of thumb. If a PMC can demonstrate that it's on top of its subprojects,
> whether mature or incubating, the board should not object. The board
> might however periodically inquire, e.g., if quarterly reports don't
> provide adequate evidence that subprojects are healthy and well monitored.
> As long as Lucy is its subproject, the Lucene PMC has a responsibility
> to ensure that Lucy is nurtured. This is not a huge task, but it's still
> a task. Are you up for it or not?
> Doug

Should we take a vote then? From my perspective, the PMC has shown 
little concern for Lucy since its inception - other than to occasionally 
question the project's pace/community. It hasn't really garnered any 
interest except from Mike from what I have personally seen.

Sounds like Doug is saying we should get a rough consensus from the PMC 
on whether we want to put more effort into Lucy - not just abide its 
existence as seems to have been the case.

Are there any others on the PMC that want to speak out for Lucy that 
have not chimed in?

- Mark

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