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From Marvin Humphrey <>
Subject Re: [PMC] [DISCUSS] Lucy
Date Tue, 22 Jun 2010 19:18:47 GMT
On Mon, Jun 21, 2010 at 11:53:39AM -0700, Chris Hostetter wrote:
> I would suggest that as a way to maintain momentum, the Lucy devs setup a 
> webpage akin to the incubator graduation checklist page, listing the 
> current "state" of the community, and come up with a plan to post regular 
> "Lucy Status" emails to general@lucene on some schedule. 

Yes, a consistent reporting schedule should hold us accountable and keep us
moving forwards.

Having re-reviewed the Incubator website over the last few days, and having
followed the general@incubator list for a while now, I think perhaps what we
might do to kick things off is draft a plan for Lucy's graduation which uses
the Incubator proposal guidelines as a template.  Then we can track progress
via a website and submit regular reports via general@lucene as you suggest.

My sense is that the act of preparing such a plan will enrich the community's
understanding of what the checklist items mean and how they may be best

Incidentally, there has been an interesting discussion on general@incubator of
late with regards to the Chukwa project, a spinoff from Hadoop.  The Chukwa
devs have requested to go through the Incubator because though many are
committers, none have served on a PMC before.  However, there is debate as to
whether that's the best course of action -- demonstrating that Lucy's
situation isn't entirely unique.

  It seems to me that it would save everyone some work if they went straight
  with the TLP nomenclature. If they only need a short time in the Incubator
  to learn how to be a PMC, then maybe the Incubator nomenclature is not
  necessary and just creates more work for infra, PMC, and users when they

Regardless of where Chukwa goes, the points raised by the devs about PMC
readiness apply to Lucy as well and will need to be addressed.

> (21st of every month or something?)  

Monthly reporting sounds like a good schedule to me.  I don't think we ought
to give ourselves a full month before you see something, though.  :)  If folks
think a plan is a good course of action, I think we should try to draw up a
draft and get it to general@lucene by the end of next week (Friday, July 2).

> Beyond just keeping up momentum and keeping everybody i nthe loop on 
> Lucy's progress -- this would also help give Lucy some more visibility and 
> ideally attract more contributors.

Cutting a release is the key, but an upgraded web presence which allows
visitors to see our progress will help us exploit the ensuing attention as
effectively as possible, and I think we should use the mechanism you suggest.

Marvin Humphrey

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