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From lionel duboeuf <>
Subject design question
Date Wed, 05 May 2010 21:47:38 GMT
Dear you all,

I've a design question about implementing local and remote index with 
synchronisation capabilities.
The best approach for us would be to have a local index in some cases 
(e.g mobile phone, desktop application, etc...) and in other hand remote 
index capabilities (e.g search with a browser to a remote server) so 
that user can keep all its data whenever he is offline or online.
My question is: does Lucene allow us to deal with this two cases (local 
on desktop and in server side), and do you have an idea of 
synchronisation issue between local and remote index ?

I guess that building at server side as many as user's indexes to be 
able to handle files rsync will not be a scalable solution ?.

Any suggestions would be great ;-)


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