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From Yonik Seeley <>
Subject [VOTE] merge lucene/solr development (take 3)
Date Tue, 09 Mar 2010 02:11:46 GMT
Apoligies in advance for calling yet another vote, but I just wanted
to make sure this was official.
Mike's second VOTE thread could probably technically stand on it's own
(since it included PMC votes), but given that I said in my previous
VOTE thread that I was just polling Lucene/Solr committers and would
call a second PMC vote, that may have acted to suppress PMC votes on
Mike's thread also.

Please vote for the proposal quoted below to merge lucene/solr development.
Here's my +1


Mike's call for a VOTE (amongst lucene/solr committers +11 to -1):
> Subject: Merge the development of Solr/Lucene (take 2)
> A new vote, that slightly changes proposal from last vote (adding only
> that Lucene can cut a release even if Solr doesn't):
>  * Merging the dev lists into a single list.
>  * Merging committers.
>  * When any change is committed (to a module that "belongs to" Solr or
>    to Lucene), all tests must pass.
>  * Release details will be decided by dev community, but, Lucene may
>    release without Solr.
>  * Modulariize the sources: pull things out of Lucene's core (break
>    out query parser, move all core queries & analyzers under their
>    contrib counterparts), pull things out of Solr's core (analyzers,
>    queries).
> These things would not change:
>  * Besides modularizing (above), the source code would remain factored
>    into separate dirs/modules the way it is now.
>  * Issue tracking remains separate (SOLR-XXX and LUCENE-XXX
>    issues).
>  * User's lists remain separate.
>  * Web sites remain separate.
>  * Release artifacts/jars remain separate.

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