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From Otis Gospodnetic <>
Subject Re: Branding Solr+Lucene
Date Tue, 23 Mar 2010 19:01:07 GMT
I wish we could somehow lose that "Lucene-Java".  The -Java part seems so forced, like we couldn't
come up with anything better.


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> From: Chris Hostetter <>
> To: "" <>
> Sent: Tue, March 23, 2010 2:43:36 PM
> Subject: RE: Branding Solr+Lucene
(note: conciously, and deliberately confined my reply to only 
> general@)

: - Lucene will remain the name of the Apache TLP hosting both 
> the 
: Lucene-Java product and the Solr product.
: - Solr, while 
> ceasing to refer to a stand-alone development sub-project, 
: will continue 
> to be a product, with no change in its user-facing 
: *product* 
> communications; Solr's downloadable artifacts, the wiki, the 
: website, and 
> the solr-user mailing list will remain as-is.  (The website 
: javadocs 
> will need re-jiggering, though, I'd guess.)

Exactly! ... the key thing to 
> remember is that since Lucene becamse a TLP 
that graduated from Jakarta, 
> there has always only ever been one "Project" 
and that project is "Apache 
> Lucene".  The Project has released numerous 
different "Proudcts" over 
> the years and (for various historical reasons) 
we have in the past 
> constructed largely artificial partitions of our 
development efforts arround 
> those Products. 

All we have done at this point is remove some of those 
> partitions between 
the development of the "Lucene-Java" product and the 
> "Solr" product ... 
that doesn't mean that the Project, or either of those 
> two Products need 
new names/branding.

(There has always been some 
> minor confusion about the "Lucene-Java" 
Product also being refered to as 
> simply "Lucene" but nothing about the 
recent changes really has any impact 
> on that)


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