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From "George Aroush" <>
Subject RE: [VOTE] Graduate Lucene.Net as a subproject under Apache Lucene
Date Thu, 15 Oct 2009 01:08:33 GMT
The vote has now closed and passed with the following results:

 +1 Andi Vajda
 +1 Andrzej Bialecki
 +1 Michael McCandless
 +1 Jukka Zitting
 +1 Grant Ingersoll
 +1 Michael Busch
 +1 Chris Hostetter
 +1 Ted Dunning
 +1 Otis Gospodnetic
 +1 Simon Willnauer

and with no -1 or 0 votes.

Thank you all for voting, and for accepting "Apache Lucene.Net" as a
subproject under Lucene!

I will now move this for a final vote at general <AT>

-- George

-----Original Message-----
From: George Aroush [] 
Sent: Thursday, October 08, 2009 6:04 PM
Subject: [VOTE] Graduate Lucene.Net as a subproject under Apache Lucene

Hi Folks,


On behalf of Lucene.Net mentor, committers and community, this is a call for
vote to graduate the Lucene.Net project
( as a sub-project under Apache


The Lucene.Net mentor, committers, and the community have voted like so:


  +1 from Erik Hatcher (mentor)

  +1 from George Aroush (committer)

  +1 from Isik YIGIT (aka: DIGY) (committer)

  +1 from Doug Sale (committer)

  +1 from a total of 70+ Lucene.Net members / followers / users.


(with no -1 or 0 votes)


The vote result can be found here:


The rationale for graduation is:

  * Lucene.Net has been under incubation since April 2006 (3 1/2 years now).

  * During incubation, Lucene.Net has:

    - Made, 1 official release

    - Released, as SVN tag, 18 ports of Java Lucene (from 1.9 to 2.4.0).

    - Released, as SVN tag, port of WordNet.Net 2.0, SpellChecker.Net 2.0,
Snowball.Net 2.0, and Highlighter.Net 2.0.

    - Released, MSDN style documentation for the above release.

    - Accepted, two new committers: Isik YIGIT (DIGY) digydigy @
and Doug Sale dsale @ were added in November 2008 (George
Aroush george @ is the original committer).

    - The community has grown, with a healthy followers.

    - Is being used by well established companies in production (I'm not
sure what's the legality to mention their names here, or even if I have the
complete list).

    - Is being used by Beagle project.

  * Work is already under way to port Java Lucene 2.9 to Lucene.Net 2.9


If this graduation is approved, Lucene.Net will be officially called "Apache


Please cast your votes:

[ ]  +1  Graduate Lucene.Net as a sub-project under Apache Lucene.

[ ]  -1  Lucene.Net is not ready to graduate as a sub-project under Apache
Lucene, because ...


This vote will close on October 14th, 2009.




-- George Aroush

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