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From Grant Ingersoll <>
Subject ApacheCon Promo
Date Fri, 14 Aug 2009 19:01:01 GMT
I would appreciate it if the various projects could do their part and  
put up some promo text on their news section related to the Lucene  
track at ApacheCon.

Below is some sample text, in Forrest format.  I have applied this to  
the main Lucene website and will do so for Mahout.
			<title>14 August 2009 - Lucene at US ApacheCon</title>
	         <a title="ApacheCon US 2009" href=" 
"><img src=""  
class="float-right" alt="ApacheCon Logo" /></a>

	         ApacheCon US is once again in the Bay Area and Lucene is  
coming along for the ride!  The Lucene community has planned two full  
days of talks, plus a meetup and the usual bevy of training.  With a  
well-balanced mix of first time and veteran ApacheCon speakers, the <a  
track</a> at ApacheCon US promises to have something for everyone.  Be  
sure not to miss:
<p>	Training:</p>
	         <li><a href=" 
">Lucene Boot Camp</a> - A two day training session, Nov. 2nd &amp;  
	         <li><a href=" 
">Solr Day</a> - A one day training session, Nov. 2nd</li>
			<p>Thursday, Nov. 5th</p>
	         <li><a href=" 
">Introduction to the Lucene Ecosystem</a> - Grant Ingersoll @ 9:00</li>
	         <li><a href=" 
">Lucene Basics and New Features</a> - Michael Busch @ 10:00</li>
			 <li><a href=" 
331">Apache Solr: Out of the Box</a> - Chris Hostetter @ 14:00</li>
			<li><a href=" 
427">Introduction to Nutch</a> - Andrzej Bialecki @ 15:00</li>
			<li><a href=" 
430">Lucene and Solr Performance Tuning</a> - Mark Miller @ 16:30</li>
			<p>Friday, Nov. 6th</p>
				<li><a href=" 
332">Implementing an Information Retrieval Framework for an  
Organizational Repository</a> - Sithu D Sudarsan @ 9:00</li>
				<li><a href=" 
333">Apache Mahout - Going from raw data to Information</a> - Isabel  
Drost @ 10:00</li>
				<li><a href=" 
334">MIME Magic with Apache Tika</a> - Jukka Zitting @ 11:30</li>
				<li><a href=" 
335">Building Intelligent Search Applications with the Lucene  
Ecosystem</a> - Ted Dunning @ 14:00</li>
				<li><a href=" 
462">Realtime Search</a> - Jason Rutherglen @ 15:00</li>

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