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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: [ACUS] Fwd: Lucene Agenda
Date Wed, 22 Jul 2009 18:43:35 GMT

: We need abstracts ASAP for those five talks listed, plus we need bios for Ted

FWIW: I was planning on tweaking the abstract/title of Solr OOTB to be 
more focused on the demo (and less on the intro to Solr) but even knowing 
what changes i have in mind for the talk, i can't think of any better 
wording for the abstract then what i used last year (and should be the 
same in the CFP from this year, but i can't get to that) ...

: > And finally, just a warning that the times listed on the wiki are not
: > the actual times for the presentation. I'll put them into the CMS with
: > the correct times - please let me know if anyone is particularly stuck
: > wrt a particular time.

Interesting.  Looking at the pieces of hte schedule that are already 
online... looks like there are still 5 one hour sessions per day, but the 
breaks have been moved arround and there is no gap for a keynote on 

There is also one talk which is not on our list that has already been put 
in a slot in the "Lucene track" on thursday afternoon...
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