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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: [ACUS09] Proposed Schedule
Date Tue, 14 Jul 2009 17:19:20 GMT

: Here is a _proposed_ schedule for ACUS '09.  I am putting this up there b/c it

This looks pretty good to me.  Some of the talks with question marks next 
to the speakers seem a little up in the air though...

: 17:00 - 17:50 Session 5: Lucene and Solr Performance Tuning (Yonik or Mark
: Miller)
: -. Geo-spatial search with Lucene and Solr (Ryan?)  (30 mins)

...neither yonik, mark, or ryan have edited the wiki, or replied to this 
thread, are they on board?

FWIW: It would also probably make sense to have 1 or 2 "backup" talks 
ready in case anything goes wrong.  (ie: I can give my solr plugins talk 
if needed, i'm sure some other people who are planning on coming have 
existing talks they could also polish/update on short notice)

: have a "business" talk, but don't see where to fit it.  Also, some talks I
: featured in the Meetup.  The Meetup is free and is at night (likely Tuesday)
: and has always been well attended.

Would Wed be a better night?  My thinking: if the Lucene track is Thu & 
Fri, then there might be some people who decide not to come to the 
con until Wed.

: I'd also somehow like to work in a "job fair" component.  In this economy,
: leads for people are always good.  Moreover, I know a lot of companies are
: looking for Lucene/Solr talent, despite the economy.  Maybe just a bulletin
: board where people can post or a designated spot during breaks for people to
: meetup and have a networking opportunity.  Thoughts?  Is this worth
: formalizing?

I think the simplest way to facilitate something like this would be to 
setup a dedicated wiki page where people/compaies coming to AC can put the 
days they'll be in oakland, their contact info while in oakland, and links 
to their resume / company profiles -- then all of the interested parties 
can coordinate their own meetings/discussions -- even if it's just "i'll 
look for you at the Lucene Meetup"


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