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From Grant Ingersoll <>
Subject Re: [ACUS09] Proposed Schedule
Date Tue, 14 Jul 2009 17:31:26 GMT

On Jul 14, 2009, at 1:25 PM, Chris Hostetter wrote:

> : > * The meetup schedule seems pretty heavy with four 30 min
> : > presentations. I'd either squeeze them to 15 minutes each or split
> : > them to two parallel tracks (we can get two smaller rooms for the
> : > meetup) to leave more time for lightning talks and general  
> discussion.
> :
> : 15-20 minutes is fine, I was just following a model that has  
> worked for other
> : Lucene meetups, but I guess those were capped around 20 minutes.   
> Since the
> : topics are a bit more involved, I wanted to make sure the speakers  
> had time.
> :
> : -1 on parallel tracks.
> parallel talks doesn't seem like a bad idea to me ... especially if
> there are enough rooms available.  it's also the kind of thing that  
> could
> be played by ear ... if fewer people come then we expect, we can all  
> stay
> in one room, keep the talks short and more casual; if twice as many  
> people
> come as we expect and the room is really crowded, we can split up  
> and half
> of us can go "next door", the talks can be a little longer (more  
> time for
> questions/discussion) and then we have more room for smll  
> discussions to
> form during the "socializing" part of the evening.

Meetups, to me, thrive on the group discussion, splitting it up just  
means the meetup is just another conference session, in my mind.   
Plus, I'd hate to have to choose which one to go to.

> : > I've reserved meetup space for us for Tuesday evening. Based on  
> : > gave a rough estimate of up to a hundred people attending.
> :
> : That's likely about right.  Anything more and it takes away from  
> the setting,
> : I think.
> Grant: what was the number of people who signed up for the SF Meetup  
> Lucid
> sponsored a few months ago?  I would guess at least twice as many  
> people
> will come to this one (you've got all of the Local hardcore Solr/ 
> Lucene
> people, plus all the people flying in for ApacheCon, plus all the  
> Local
> people who aren't that hardcore but figure they might as well check  
> it out
> since so many people are in from out of town for ApacheCon)

We capped at 85 (which filled out) and had 60ish show up.  Amsterdam  
had 60-80, I'd guess and was standing room only.  Washington DC had  
50-60, I think (that had a limit on attendance, too).  For NYC, we are  
capping at 100, I believe, due to room capacity.  So, 100 seems  

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