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From Grant Ingersoll <>
Subject Re: [APACHECON] Planning
Date Fri, 19 Jun 2009 13:25:11 GMT
OK, here's a draft of a snippet for the planners of AC to go up on the  
AC website.  This is due today.  It's at ~195 words right now, so if  
you're editing, you will need to take away


Apache Lucene is a robust and powerful, open source, search library  
that powers search and discovery in thousands of websites and  
applications ranging from large corporations like Apple Computer to  
startups creating next generation intelligent applications.

Over the years, Lucene has grown beyond just a pure Java library into  
a complete ecosystem of tools designed to help developers and  
businesses solve critical information access problems.  Whether it’s  
leveraging the power and simplicity of Apache Solr’s  search and  
faceting capabilities or the large scale crawling features of Nutch,  
chances are Lucene has a solution to meet your needs.  Moreover, with  
the recent additions of Apache Tika (content extraction), Apache  
Mahout (machine learning) and Apache Droids (crawling framework), as  
well as ports of Lucene to languages like C, Python and .NET, it has  
never been easier to build search capabilities into any application,  
no matter the scale.

The Lucene Track at ApacheCon will feature a full slate of training,  
talks and networking on the entire Lucene ecosystem.  A wide range of  
talks will cover both the technical details and the business aspects  
of Lucene.  Networking events will help connect you with the creators  
of all the Lucene projects as well as other users.


On Jun 17, 2009, at 10:42 AM, Grant Ingersoll wrote:

> OK, we've been alloted 2 days for Lucene:

> .  More later on info about the Calls for Presentations (CFPs)
> Now we need to figure out what we are going to do.
> Also, we need, asap, a description that satisfies:
> <snip>
> In order to get registration open ASAP, we need a promo-text for each
> track. If you're copied on this email, I'll be nagging you for a text
> for your project (listed below). If there's someone else I should nag
> instead, please let me know. If you know who I should be nagging for
> the last three tracks below, please let me know that too.
> What should the promo text look like? We need 150-200 words,  
> explaining
> -what the track will cover (outline is fine, you don't need to have
> abstracts and bios if you're not ready for that),
> -who the intended audience is, and
> -why people will want to attend/what they'll get out of it.
> If you're planning something amazing, cool, new or exciting, we want
> some information about that. Is there going to be a panel discussion
> with some of the central project members telling people what to expect
> in the widely-anticipated next release? How about a hands-on
> masterclass with that really tricky part of the project that everyone
> has trouble with? Or everything you need to know to decide which
> technologies to use in which situations, and how to get the most out
> of your limited resources?
> </snip>

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