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From ywlee522 <>
Subject Performance: Field.Store.YES vs. Field.Store.NO + DB
Date Thu, 11 Jun 2009 19:00:41 GMT

My document store has 750K users who wrote 100M reports.  The size of a
report ranges from 1k to 2M. 
I have read in several places that actual values (text) can be stored in DB,
while lucene only manages index with Field.Store.NO

I wonder any differences in performance (search and match retrieval) between
Field.Store.YES and NO values.  For example, if actual report contents are
stored in a DB (Field.Store.NO), given a search that matches 500 reports,
one has to send either 500 SELECT queries to DB, or one long SELECT with IN
clause in WHERE condition. Or something in between.  Is this faster than
retrieving them from index created with Field.Store.YES.

Does NOT storing actual values in index make the search faster? 

Any pointer would be appreciated. Thanks

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