thanks a lot, i got it

2009/4/4 Chris Hostetter <>

: The problem comes as in this procedure i has to set the third parameter n
: and as a result, when user click the last page link, exception will be
: thrown when the total number of search results excesses the *n* i specified
: in the program. How can i overcome this problem?

you're going to need to change "n" ... typically people just use something
       int n = DOCS_PER_PAGE * page_num

have you looked at the Lucene Demo code?  it has a more complex example of
doing a paginated search (grep for doPagingSearch) ...

: I've posted this problem twice and seen no reply. Could anyone offer a
: hand?  Thanks.

You should consider posting to the java-user@lucene mailing list which
is specificly focused on discussions of using hte java API ...
general@lucene is a broader list for discussions about the braoder Lucene
project, or as a getting started point for people who aren't even sure
which Lucene technology (PyLucene, Lucene-Java, Solr, Mahout, Nutch,
etc...) might be useful for them.


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