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From sunnyfr <>
Subject segment ? new segment after a commit
Date Thu, 16 Apr 2009 13:51:45 GMT


I just made an update :
Indexing completed. Added/Updated: 6327 documents. Deleted 0 documents.

But I don"t get why it doesn't just add a new segment instead of change all
the segment.

ls data/index/
_1zf.fdt  _1zf.fdx  _1zf.fnm  _1zf.frq  _1zf.nrm  _1zf.prx  _1zf.tii 
_1zf.tis  _1zf.tvd  _1zf.tvf  _1zf.tvx  segments.gen  segments_1o

during the update
ls data/index/
_1zf.fdt  _1zf.fnm  _1zf.nrm  _1zf.tii  _1zf.tvd  _1zf.tvx    _1zg.fdt 
_1zg.fnm  _1zg.nrm  _1zg.tii  _1zg.tvd  _1zg.tvx  _1zh.frq  _1zh.prx 
_1zh.tis  _1zi.fdx  _1zi.frq  _1zi.tii  segments.gen
_1zf.fdx  _1zf.frq  _1zf.prx  _1zf.tis  _1zf.tvf  _1zf_1.del  _1zg.fdx 
_1zg.frq  _1zg.prx  _1zg.tis  _1zg.tvf  _1zh.fnm  _1zh.nrm  _1zh.tii 
_1zi.fdt  _1zi.fnm  _1zi.prx  _1zi.tis  segments_1o

ls data/index/
_1zi.fdt  _1zi.fdx  _1zi.fnm  _1zi.frq  _1zi.nrm  _1zi.prx  _1zi.tii 
_1zi.tis  _1zi.tvd  _1zi.tvf  _1zi.tvx  segments.gen  segments_1p

This is my conf:

     If both ramBufferSizeMB and maxBufferedDocs is set, then Lucene will
flush based on whichever limit is hit first.

    <!-- Tell Lucene when to flush documents to disk.
    Giving Lucene more memory for indexing means faster indexing at the cost
of more RAM

    If both ramBufferSizeMB and maxBufferedDocs is set, then Lucene will
flush based on whichever limit is hit first.


     Expert: Turn on Lucene's auto commit capability.
     This causes intermediate segment flushes to write a new lucene
     index descriptor, enabling it to be opened by an external
     NOTE: Despite the name, this value does not have any relation to Solr's
autoCommit functionality
     The Merge Policy in Lucene controls how merging is handled by Lucene. 
The default in 2.3 is the LogByteSizeMergePolicy, previous
     versions used LogDocMergePolicy.

     LogByteSizeMergePolicy chooses segments to merge based on their size. 
The Lucene 2.2 default, LogDocMergePolicy chose when
     to merge based on number of documents

     Other implementations of MergePolicy must have a no-argument

     The Merge Scheduler in Lucene controls how merges are performed.  The
ConcurrentMergeScheduler (Lucene 2.3 default)
      can perform merges in the background using separate threads.  The
SerialMergeScheduler (Lucene 2.2 default) does not.

      This option specifies which Lucene LockFactory implementation to use.

      single = SingleInstanceLockFactory - suggested for a read-only index
               or when there is no possibility of another process trying
               to modify the index.
      native = NativeFSLockFactory
      simple = SimpleFSLockFactory

      (For backwards compatibility with Solr 1.2, 'simple' is the default
       if not specified.)

    <!-- options specific to the main on-disk lucene index -->
    <!-- Deprecated -->

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