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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: operator precedence and confusing result
Date Tue, 24 Mar 2009 17:21:01 GMT

: Yes, but until that work is done (and it probably belongs in a separate
: queryparser module, imo), we're left with the current situation, which doesn't
: work but seductively gives the appearance of working.
: Anyway, the point seems moot given the volumous silence my suggestion has
: incited.

In general i agree with you Mike: the world would be a lot simpler if we 
removed the AND/NOT/OR keywords from the query parser ... but the hitch is 
that when used in a particular way (i don't want to say "correctly" 
because that's a subjective evaluation, so instead i'll say 
"unambiguously") they can be extremely effective for people.

   ((A AND B) OR (C AND D)) AND X the way *everyone* would exepect it to work, and is much simpler 
for some people to udnerstand then...

   +((+A +B) (+C +D)) +X

Personally: I'd be very happy if there were a lot more QueryParsers, and 
we had one that supported the +/- syntax and a seperate one that supported 
the AND/OR/NOT syntax ...  in fact: i think there's a nice long thread 
(that i really need to find time to read) on java-dev about how the IBM 
folks may have solved that problem for everyone.


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