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From Mike Klaas <>
Subject Re: operator precedence and confusing result
Date Thu, 12 Mar 2009 01:58:05 GMT

On 8-Mar-09, at 3:46 PM, Chris Hostetter wrote:
> it's important to rememebr that Lucene isn't a boolean matching  
> system --
> the undelrying semantics are MUST/MUST_NOT/SHOULD -- the AND/OR
> keywords are just syntactic sugar that attempt to apply underlying
> semantics as binary opperators.

Has anyone (but me) considered ripping out this misleading (and imho  
not terribly useful) syntactic sugar in Lucene 3.0?  It seems that the  
boolean operator support is little but an impediment to understanding  
the Lucene query model.  Analogies that only occasionally accord with  
a person's intuition are among the most dangerous.

There could always be a query parser mode or module that is devoted to  
parsing boolean operators correctly.


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