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From Ian Holsman <>
Subject Re: Which one is better - Lucene OR Google Search Appliance
Date Thu, 27 Nov 2008 22:20:14 GMT
Mike_SearchGuru wrote:
> We are evaluating Lucene at the moment and also considering Google Search
> Appliance. Is there anyone who can guide us on which one is better apart
> from Google being expensive as we have 8 million PDF's to index.
> Can someoen help us by clearly identifying whcih one is better.
Hi Mike.

Firstly GSA is so much more than just a search library, which is what 
lucene is. In your analysis you should be looking at things like Solr 
(which will give you a web interface to the lucene library), and Tika or 
nutch to actually put your documents into the index itself.

as for which is better, we have no idea what your requirements are 
(besides from wanting to avoid spending money) or what your 
organization's technical capabilities are (are you willing to spend 1-3 
getting up to speed with the open source tools for example) so it will 
be hard for us to judge.


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