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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Preliminary, fundamental question about the demo
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2008 21:11:43 GMT


Two things you should know:

1) this is the general@lucene list -- it's hte starting point for people 
with questions baout the entire Lucene project wheren they really have no 
idea where to get started.  You seem to be asking about the Lucene-Java 
demo code, so i'm assuming you are interested in writing java code that 
uses the Lucene search library to build your own applications.  In that 
case, your best bet for future assistence is the java-user@lucene mailing 
list.  (if i'm wrong, and you are more interested in using applications 
already built with the Lucene library such as Solr or Nutch; or iwth using 
the .Net port of hte library, these subprojects all have their own 
subproject mailing list as well)...

2) regarding this comment...

: ok, my mistake. apparently the dot '.' is not considered a separator, so
: documents containing "java.util.Vector" will *not* be matched by a search
: for "vector". quite surprising if you ask me, but well, this can most
: probably be changed... 

That is a specific behavior of the "Analyzer" used when analyzing the 
text, it most certianly can be changed and there is a wide variety of 
Analyzers available that come with Lucene (particularly in the analysis 
contrib package)

The other oddity to arrise from what you are seeing is that recent 
versions of Lucene have reduced the usage of the Vector class quite a bit, 
but the tutorial still uses it as an example, i'll commit a quick fix for 


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