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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Searching chomps my terms..
Date Tue, 11 Mar 2008 16:38:48 GMT
I am, again, certainly out of my depth here, but I might as well take 
the opportunity to ask my naïve self-enlightening questions..

Does the information below mean that you are using a Python port of 
Lucene ? or is the Python code accessing the Java Lucene ?

And, if you are using a Python port of Lucene, is that package "close 
enough" to the Java version that you can rely completely on the Java 
Lucene 3.1 documentation ?

And, another question : do you have a tool that allows you to inspect 
the index directly ? (I mean do you know for sure that "cit2" is present 
in the Lucene index ?)
I know that Luke is supposed to allow that, but I am under the 
impression that Luke requires an X-term, and I am stuck on a Windows 

João Rodrigues wrote:
> Indeed, the documentation wasn't hard to find but wasn't easy to decode
> either.
> However, I'm having the same problem even with Standard Analyzer. Sorry to
> be such a bore but I'm actually *not* understanding what's going on with my
> index..
> Here's the code for the indexer (the analyzer part):
> Here's the code of the script:
> And the query I insert is simply: cit2.
> I searched my index with Luke, and I tried that plugin "Analyzer Tool" with
> a text including my query term. Using Standard Analyzer it shows 'cit2' as a
> token. However, a search in my index yields 0 results =\ Another search for
> any other term works quite well, as long as the term is a word..
> Quite awkward...

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