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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: retreiving wrong categories
Date Sat, 24 Mar 2007 23:56:42 GMT

FYI: general@lucene is a very high level, low subscriber list for
discussing broad topics relating to the entire lucene Top Levle Project
(Lucene-Java, Nutch, Hadoop, Solr, Lucy, Lucene.Net, etc...)  your
question is probably best asked on the java-user list, unless it relates
to a port to another language, in which case you should use the
appropriate user list)

that said...

: I have an installation of lucene that is retrieving the wrong documents,
: consistently.    The code hasn't changed and works fine in other
: installations. I have been using lucene successfully for a couple years
: now and I haven't seen this problem since I was originally implementing
: lucene.

: I have a field "cat" (short for categories) that this item belongs to.
: It's a hierarchy and this field looks like:

: Computer Cradles Docking Stations[7]{3}|Motorola[15]{1}|ML850[43]{1}|

: +cat:("2") +(cartable:1)

: Is getting me mostly cat2 items but a few others.

: What can I do to start tracking down why this is?

I would start by using Luke to inspect what is actually indexed for each
of these docs, if i had to guess i would suppose that maybe cat:("2") is
matching not only on categoryId #2, but categories where "2" is the
sequence number.


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