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From Steven Rowe <>
Subject Re: Model used in Lucene 1.4.3
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2007 14:07:33 GMT
Hi Marco,

The documentation for version 1.4.3 is available online - if you go to:


and in the menu on the left click on the (Site Versions > 1.4.3) link,
you'll go here:


AFAIK, Lucene has always used a hybrid VSM/Boolean model, although it
should be noted that Lucene's Required/Prohibited/Optional
BooleanClauses (in more recent Lucene parlance, these are MUST/MUST
NOT/SHOULD) are not exactly equivalent to the standard Boolean model.

In November 2002, Doug Cutting committed changes enabling scoring API
extensibility, to allow applications to plug in different models.  These
changes were first released in version 1.3 (2003-12-26).  Since then,
however, no patches implementing alternative models have been submitted.


Marco Scarpa 550899-IFs wrote:
> I'm analyzing for university a desktop search engine that uses Lucene
> as backend, unfortunatelly it uses an olds version, I'd like to know
> if version 1.4.3 already used an hybrid model between VSM and boolean
> or what other model dit it used. Can someone help me with this
> "legacy" system?

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